About Us

The Company was established in September 2013 and is managed by its Director, Faye Phillips. Faye trained at Linda Virgoe Dance Studio until the age of 18. She then studied Dance Performance at Middlesex University and was trained by teachers Lesley Main, Anne Went and Mavin Khoo. Faye now teaches GCSE and A-Level at secondary schools across Gloucestershire as well as Key Stage 3.

As a Dance Academy, we aim to provide all students with the knowledge and understanding of both technique and choreography to prepare them for the professional sector. Through working with practising choreographers who use a range of different styles, students will gain a real insight as to what practitioners in the industry expect of them.


The opportunity to do various performances, showcases and competitions is also available so that they can demonstrate their work, which will also give them performance experience.  As well as students aged 11-17, The Company also offers adults technique training and performance opportunities to help them as emerging artists through creative direction and performance guidance.  Auditions are held every September in order to establish the individual needs of each dancer.